Selecting a Battery Type When Setting up the VSM 422

January, 20 2009

The VSM 422 uses battery type information to accurately compute State of Charge. To obtain the greatest precision when measuring State of Charge, input your battery type into the VSM 422 when performing initial setup or changing battery types.

The following table will help you determine your battery type:

Battery TypeCommon BrandsModelIdentifying Characteristics
Flooded Acid ReserveRolls Surrette
Varios Models
Modular Construction
Marine Deep Cycle Removable Caps
Flooded Low Maint.West Marine®
SeaVolt® Deep Cycle
Marine Master® Flooded
Combination Terminals
Combination Terminals
Flooded ConventionalExide®
Golf Cart
Golf Cart
Universal Post Terminals
Not Maintenance Free
AGM StandardWest Marine®
SeaVolt® Deep Cycle AGM
Select Orbital® Deep Cycle
Maintenance Free
Maintenance Free
AGM Acid StavedNorthStar
Maintenance Free
Maintenance Free
GelWest Marine®
Maintenance Free, immersible
Maintenance Free, Dual-terminal

Although choosing the wrong battery type will not result in large errors in State of Charge measurement, this information helps the VSM 422 select an open circuit voltage curve and self-discharge attributes characteristic of a particular battery style. Entering the correct battery type will result in optimal accuracy of the VSM 422’s State of Charge monitoring.

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