Simplified Circuit Protection Selection

June, 26 2007

In the April issue of Circuit Solutions™ newsletter, Blue Sea Systems’ DC Circuit Wizard was introduced. The DC Circuit Wizard simplifies the calculations necessary to choose appropriate DC circuit protection and wire size. Based on DC circuit values entered by the user, it offers recommendations of circuit protection devices (fuses and circuit breakers), amperage ratings, and appropriate circuit wire gauge. The DC Circuit Wizard is available at

Not only does the DC Circuit Wizard provide circuit protection device options, but it also provides links to product pages on Blue Sea Systems’ website corresponding to each circuit protection device recommendation. Product pages provide a complete product description including features, specifications, and all supporting documentation.  

Here’s an example of values entered in the DC Circuit Wizard.

Click Calculate to see the results of the Circuit Wizard computations. Circuit protection devices with optimal amperage ratings are displayed in bright green. In this example, the part numbers for three options that satisfy the values entered above are presented by DC Circuit Wizard. Notice that each recommendation is the intersection of a type of device, and an amperage rating: 7060 = 35 Amp Push Button Reset-Only, 7010 = 35 Amp 185-Series Thermal Circuit Breaker, and 7037 = 35 Amp 187-Series Thermal Circuit Breaker.

Click 7060 to view the corresponding product page on Blue Sea Systems’ website.

To make the correct circuit protection device selection, click the cell for each resulting option to view features and specifications on Blue Sea Systems’ website product page. While each device is rated to meet the particular rating requirements, choose the circuit protection device that meets the needs of the situation. For instance, choose a Push Button Reset-Only circuit breaker for a bilge pump that is never turned off. Or choose a switchable circuit breaker such as a 187-Series to switch the circuit ON and OFF from a convenient location.
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