360 Panel Circuit Breaker Module Offers Broadest Amperage Range Selection

January, 19 2007

Click to read an overview of the 360 Panel System.

The new 360 Panel System makes it possible for boaters to install circuit breakers ranging from 5 to 300 Amperes in the same size aperture (5 to 100A breaker requires 1 aperture, 200A requires 2 apertures, 300A requires 3 apertures). For example, customers can install one 100 Ampere Main breaker with two 30 Ampere and one 15 Ampere Branch circuit breakers in the same module. The 360 Panel System circuit breaker module offers flexibility in many other ways. Modules can be configured for AC or DC applications, there is a choice of three popular circuit breaker actuators, and one, two and three poles. This versatility makes a module, and the 360 Panel System, able to support the widest range of marine applications.


Actuator StyleDC RatingAC RatingPoles
Toggle5-50A5-50ASingle, double
Flat Rocker5-300A5-100ASingle, double, triple
Slot Trip Flat Rocker5-50A5-50ASingle


These circuit breaker modules are three of nine currently available modules, including a Push Button Reset only circuit breaker module. Nine more modules are in design.

For more information about the 360 Panel System, contact Blue Sea Systems at:

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