The Versatility of the 360 Panel System

December, 18 2006

Blue Sea Systems has developed a new line of panels based on a unique open architecture design. The 360 Panel System provides complete flexibility throughout the life of the panel-from its initial design, to future modifications as customer needs change.

Open Architecture

  • The design allows significant customization using interchangeable modules within a selection of metal frames.
  • Modular design eliminates custom engineering and fabrication costs. OEM boat builders will appreciate a custom panel at standard panel prices, and the reduced lead time (days, not weeks).
  • Module position is flexible, allowing customers to specify functions exactly where they want them in the panel. The metal frames allow for modules to be placed in most positions in the panel.

DC and AC

The 360 Panel System provides a wide range of DC and AC electrical management and monitoring functions supporting 12V and 24V DC; 120V, 120V/240V, and 230V AC. Customers now have the AC and DC power management and monitoring functionality that they want in one integrated panel.

Ten Available Modules

  • Meter - Available with analog and digital ammeters, voltmeters, multimeters, and frequency meter
  • Three circuit breaker options in a full-amperage range:
    • Flat rocker - single/double/triple pole, 5 to 300A
    • Slot trip flat rocker - single pole, 5 to 100A
    • Toggle - single/double/triple pole, 5 to 300A
  • Push button (3-40A) - can be used for "always on" functions such as bilge pump and refrigeration
  • Gauge bezel - accepts 2" (52mm) round gauges
  • Battery switches - m-Series (ON/OFF, Selector, Dual Circuit Plus, Dual Circuit)
  • Mimic panels - choose from standard profiles
  • Blank panels for mounting user-supplied components

Future Modules Currently in Design

  • AC rotary switch source selection (large for 65A and small for 30/32A), 120V AC lockout slide source selection, 240V AC lockout slide source selection, 187-Series Thermal Circuit Breaker, RCD, Ignition key, 120V AC and 230V AC plug-in receptacles, Network connection (RJ-11/CAT5), Generator Start
  • New 360 System Monitor - comprehensive vessel function monitoring. This unique LCD panel module has the capability to monitor both AC and DC electrical functions as well as additional vessel functions such as tankage, bilge pumps, etc. - all in one compact unit.

Customers can choose from many standard panel configurations which meet their needs, or customers can specify a custom panel by choosing among the many panel shapes available and filling the panel with the modules of their choice.

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