ST (Screw Terminal) Blade Fuse Block - Features and Applications

August, 20 2007

Blue Sea Systems' ST Blade Fuse Block continues to be a best seller for good reasons. The features that it offers, and its low price per circuit, meet the needs of many boaters.

Blue Sea Systems' ST Blade Fuse Block features include:

  • Low cost per circuit—A 12-circuit ST Blade Fuse Block costs nearly one-tenth the price of a 12-position circuit breaker panel.
  • Uses less space—A 12-circuit ST Blade Fuse Block uses one-third the space of a 12-position circuit breaker panel.
  • Consolidates Branch circuits— Electronics sub-panel can eliminate the tangle of inline fuses for electronics.
  • Eliminates switching redundancy—Switching provided by a circuit breaker on a panel may be redundant with local switching on electronics.

The ST Blade Fuse Block has applications in boats of all sizes.

Small Boat Application.
For small boat* and simple electrical systems, DC power distribution can be managed with a battery switch, for example, m-Series Dual Circuit Plus™, PN 6011, and a 12-circuit ST Blade Fuse Block with cover, PN 5029.

*For open boat applications, where a weatherproof panel is required, consider using the WeatherDeck™ circuit breaker panel, PN 4376, or fuse panel, PN 4306.

Larger Boat Application
With the growth of electrical equipment on boats, distributed systems—main panel and sub panels—are becoming the preferred approach. Essential services can be kept on the main panel, with remaining services distributed to sub panels or fuse blocks. Locate the main panel close to battery banks and engines. Locate sub-panels close to the equipment they serve. For example, the boat owner may use an ST Blade Fuse Block as a sub-panel for switched electronics. This sub-panel can be located at the boat’s navigation station where it is convenient to the equipment it protects. See Application Brief: DC Main Power Distribution for additional information on distributed DC systems.

An ST Blade Fuse Block is ideal for use as a sub-panel in DC distribution system. It’s an economical solution that provides good protection, simple installation, and ease of operation. One approach is to combine a battery management panel with built-in battery switch, for example, PN 1402, and an ST Blade Fuse Block.

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