Broad Range of Fuses and Fuse Blocks From Blue Sea Systems

August, 31 2010

Blue Sea Systems is expanding its circuit protection offering, adding a broad range of low amperage fuses to complement the existing line of marine fuses. By emphasizing low-amperage fuses with the new selection, Blue Sea Systems is able to meet the needs of boaters for replacement fuses as well as new installations.

Fuse selection is easier than ever thanks to a color-coding system for fuses and corresponding fuse blocks. Match the color on the fuse packaging with the color on the fuse holder or fuse block packaging. For instance, ATO®/ATC® fuses have a blue area on their packaging, and the packaging for ATO®/ATC® fuse holders and fuse blocks has the same blue color area in the top right corner. Fuse blocks that hold two types of fuses, such as the SafetyHub 100 and 250, will have color blocks for each fuse type. Note that the SafetyHub packaging has a blue color area representing ATO®/ATC® fuses, and a black area representing MIDI®/AMI® fuses.

Here are the new fuses available from Blue Sea Systems:

Glass Tube Fuses

GMA® Fuses are 5 mm x 20 mm, and available in 1A to 10A.

AGA® Fuses are 1/4″ x 5/8″, and are available in 20A only.

Read more about the GMA® and AGA® fuses here.

AGC® and MDL® fuses are for use with the Blue Sea Systems ST- Glass Fuse Blocks and new in-line fuse holders, and have an amperage range up to 30A.

Read more about the AGC® and MDL® fuses here.

Blade Type Fuses

ATM® Fuses: This mini fuse is frequently found in automotive applications. Amperage range is 5A–30A. Like common ATO®/ATC® fuses, ATM® fuses are color-coded for easy amperage identification.

Read more about the ATM® Fuse here .

MIDI®/AMI® Fuses: These compact bolt-down fuses are available in 30A to 200A sizes.

Read more about the MIDI®/AMI® fuse here.

Blue Sea Systems carries fuse holders or blocks for AGC®/MDL®, ATO®/ATC®, MAXI™, MEGA®/AMG®, MIDI®/AMI®, MRBF, Class T, and ANL fuses. New products include:

  • In-line fuse holders for AGC®, MDL®, and ATO®/ATC® fuses
  • MIDI®/AMI® and MEGA®/AMG® Safety Fuse Blocks
  • SafetyHub 100, 150, and 250 Fuse Blocks.

Read about the SafetyHub 100 Fuse Block and the SafetyHub 250 Fuse Block with Remote Battery Switch. Look for more information on the Safety Fuse Blocks in a coming issue.

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