The SafetyHub 250 Fuse Block with Remote Battery Switch

October, 23 2009

A consolidated electrical system for a single battery boat.

The SafetyHub 250 Fuse Block with Remote Battery Switch is an ignition protected seven-circuit fuse block and battery switch—a complete electrical system in a single product.

The SafetyHub 250 Fuse Block with Remote Battery Switch:

1) SAFE–ignition protected for use on gasoline powered boats
2) SIMPLE–reduces wiring connections
3) COMPACT–consolidates up to 7 fused circuits
4) CONVENIENT–allows battery control from a remote location
5) SECURE–provides a local switch for emergency shutdown or servicing

The diagram below illustrates the simplicity of wiring and connecting the SafetyHub 250. The SafetyHub 250 can be mounted as close to the battery as possible and is connected with a single wire. The short run of heavy cable reduces cost and weight compared to multiple long runs of heavy cable. The consolidated fuse block allows for central location and replacement of fuses. The sealed and ignition protected cover allows the SafetyHub 250 to mount in the engine compartment of gasoline or diesel powered vessels.

Switched high-amperage loads connect to three integrated buses utilizing compact and low cost MIDI®/AMI® fuses. The four low-amperage 24-hour automotive style ATO®/ATC® fuses are connected to their loads via a single waterproof and locking connecting plug. This style of connection eliminates a tangle of wires and provides peace of mind that the connections are secure.

An integrated manual battery control knob enables the boater to shut down the high-amperage circuits while servicing the fuses. While shutting off electrical power to the engine and high-amperage loads is desirable in an emergency situation, it may not be safe to be near the battery in the event of a fire. The included remote control Contura switch allows for main battery shut-down from a safe location.

The SafetyHub 250 is ideal for vessels ranging from ski boats to offshore fishing boats. Whether it is used by boatbuilders to decrease cost and weight in new boats, or by installers to upgrade an existing electrical system, the SafetyHub 250 provides a safe and reliable approach to circuit protection.

Go to the SafetyHub 250 product page.

Download the SafetyHub 250 sales sheet.

View the SafetyHub 250 product video.

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