ML-Series Heavy Duty ACR Supports High Amp Charging and Emergency Cross Connect

March, 16 2008

The ML-Series Automatic Charging Relay (ACR) is engineered for high current applications. When connected through a 4/0 cable, it is rated at 300 Amperes continuous current. When connected through two 4/0 cables to both high-current terminals, it is rated at 500 Amperes continuous current. With its high current rating, the ML-Series ACR is ideal for applications with high-output alternators, and for use as an emergency cross connect.

High-output alternators. With a current rating of up to 500 Amperes, the ML-Series ACR is suitable for high-output charging. High-output charging may come from one high-output alternator, or from two medium output alternators when two or more engines are running and their alternators are both feeding one battery bank. For example, some high output alternators could put out 180A; two alternators, each with 120A output, will have a combined output of 240A. The ACR must be capable of carrying the charging current from alternators to battery banks.

Emergency cross connect. Combine two battery banks to provide more battery power in hard starting situations. Battery banks can be combined remotely through the ACR from the helm or other convenient location using an optional Control Switch. With a continuous current rating of up to 500 Amperes, it can easily carry the current required to start most marine engines. In the event of hard starting, set the control switch to COMBINE BATTERIES to parallel two battery banks.


The ideal combination of DC battery management components is the ML-Series ACR and the ML-Series Remote Battery Switch available in June.

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