120/240 Volt Panels

April, 01 2002

Blue Sea Systems offers five 120/240 volt panels in the Standard power distribution panel line. One is a 240V AC main circuit breaker only. The other four panels have 240V AC main circuit breakers, Digital or Analog meters, and space for 120V AC single-pole or 240V AC double-pole branch circuits. Two of the panels provide 240V AC source selection for two sources. They can function as 240V AC panels with main and branch circuit protection or can be used in conjunction with 120 volt AC panels for 120V AC branch circuit distribution.

The panels have three pole main circuit breakers and double pole branch circuit breakers. 240V AC supplies consist of two hot lines, one neutral line, and ground. Between the two hot lines the voltage measured is 240V AC. Between either one of the hot lines and neutral the voltage measured is 120V AC. This allows each hot line to supply a 120V AC source if needed.

The panels can supply 240V AC branch circuits or two 120V AC load groups whether they are two separate AC branch distribution panels or a panel with twp separate load groups. An example of this configuration is the Blue Sea Systems 7370 120/240V AC panel supplying two 8480 120V AC panels, see Fig. 1. Another option is to use 7370 120/240V AC panel supplying an 8461 120V AC panel, dividing the 120V AC legs between the twp columns of breakers, see Fig.1 and Fig. 2

Fig. 1.

Fig. 2

For details about the installations, please consult the panel instructions. See our new catalog or website for our full selection of electrical distribution panels.

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