DC Push Button Reset-Only Circuit Breaker 360 Panels-An Economical Circuit Protection Solution

January, 18 2008

Push Button Reset-Only 360 panels are designed to provide an economical circuit protection solution for circuits that remain ON (24-hour) or are switched elsewhere. They offer high density circuit protection (for example: 8 circuits in a 5" × 5" space, 16 circuits in a 5" × 8" space, 24 circuits in a 5" × 11" space) and include backlit square labels. These panels are unique among circuit breaker panels—the key differentiating factor is that there is no switching function on the panels, only a protection function. Therefore, switching is provided somewhere else, or not relevant for the application.

Protection for 24-hour circuits
These circuits are not switched. They usually are connected directly to the battery bank (not switched by the battery switch). Examples of 24-hour circuit protection applications are:

  • Bilge pumps (Note: circuit protection for a bilge pump needs to be precisely sized to protect the pump motor).
  • Alarms
  • Protection against back feeding into charging lines such as solar panels. If the circuit wiring faults to ground, the fault current will be fed from both the battery and the charging line. This circuit protection prevents battery power from feeding excessive current into an external short.
  • Control circuits for remote battery switches. These circuits must be wired to stay ON so that the controls will work to turn on the remote switches and power up the non-24 hour circuits.

Protection for circuits that are switched elsewhere
Examples of circuits that are switched elsewhere are:

  • Circuit protection for equipment such as VHF radios, depth sounders and other electronics with their own ON/OFF switches.
  • Circuit protection for circuits with separate switches located away from the panel, for example, switches at the helm used to control lights, wipers, horn, etc.

Hybrid solution
The eight circuits on one module can be divided into two—four 24 hour circuits, and four circuits that are switched elsewhere—by using two harnesses, one to each bank of four circuit breakers.

DC Push Button Reset-Only Circuit Breaker 360 Panels provide an economical solution for 24-hour always ON applications, and applications where circuits are switched elsewhere.

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