Blue Sea Systems' CL-Series BatteryLink™ ACR

June, 23 2006

When combined with the Dual Circuit™Battery Switch, the CL-Series BatteryLink™ ACR fully automates the charging of two batteries. By using this combination, battery management, which was at one time a hassle for many boaters, is now simple. The boat owner simply turns the battery switch to the ON position when arriving on the boat, and turns it to the OFF position when leaving. Boaters no longer have to worry about which batteries are charging or discharging. More than just a battery isolator, the CL-Series BatteryLink™ ACR automatically connects batteries during the charging cycle and disconnects them under discharge.

The CL-Series BatteryLink™ ACR has two parts:

  • A relay switch activated by an electricalpowered magnetic coil
  • An electronic circuit that senses the voltage level of the boat’s batteries and signals the relay to:
    • switch closed when voltage is high (the ACR’s COMBINED voltage)
    • switch open when voltage is low (the ACR’s UNDERVOLTAGE)

ACR is automatic. When the sensed voltage is below the COMBINED voltage level (default setting of 13.5 volts), the relay is open. The batteries are not connected and all electrical loads are on one battery while the second battery is not being used. When the sensed voltage is 13.5 volts and has remained at that level for at least 30 seconds, the batteries are combined together. When combined, both batteries are charged. When the sensed voltage drops below the UNDERVOLTAGE level (default setting of 12.7 volts) for 60 seconds, the relay opens. The House battery is not being charged. If the House battery is being discharged, the Start battery is isolated and will retain its charge.

Blue Sea Systems' CL-Series BatteryLink ACR offers additional useful features:

  • User-adjustable open and close voltage settings designed to meet the charging and electrical needs of individual boaters
  • Adjustable over-voltage protection and over-voltage cutout points, and compatibility with all alternator capacities

The combination of the Dual Circuit™Battery Switch and BatteryLink™ provides a practical and inexpensive solution to isolated battery circuits, emergency parallel backup operation, and automated charge management.

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