The SafetyHub 150 Fuse Block

September, 24 2010

The SafetyHub 150 Fuse Block from Blue Sea Systems provides fusing for ten circuits, and is the marine market's first ten-circuit 1A–200A multiple-fuse block with ignition protection.

The SafetyHub 150 Fuse Block is:
SAFE – ignition protected for use on gasolline powered boats
SIMPLE – reduces number of fuse blocks and connecting wires
SECURE – screw termination for secure wire connections
COMPACT – Consolidates six ATO®/ATC® 1A to 30A fuses and four MIDI®/AMI® 30A to 200A fuses and a grounding bus
CONVENIENT – write-on circuit identification label, spare fuse storage, and fuse puller included

The SafetyHub 150 Fuse Block is a single product that takes the place of four in-line MIDI®/AMI® fuse holders, a 6-circuit ATO®/ATC® fuse block, and a negative bus. By replacing these separate components with one integrated product, the SafetyHub 150 Fuse Block consolidates fuses into a central location and eliminates vulnerable connecting wires between multiple components.

High-amperage loads connect to four integrated buses utilizing compact and low cost MIDI®/AMI® fuses. The six low-amperage 24-hour automotive style ATO®/ATC® fuses are connected to their load wires via screw terminals. The negative bus is a convenient location for collection of negative wires.

The SafetyHub 150 is ideal for vessels ranging from ski boats to offshore fishing boats. Whether it is used by boatbuilders to decrease cost and weight in new boats, or by installers to upgrade circuit protection, the SafetyHub 150 consolidates circuits and improves the reliability of a boat’s electrical system.

The following diagrams demonstrate two ways to use the SafetyHub 150:

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