1850 M2 Vessel Systems Monitor Firmware Upgrade

Software Upgrade

  1. This upgrade method only works with Windows 7 PCs and above, and Mac OS X 10.8 and above.
  2. Download the new firmware from the list below.
  3. Extract the firmware.bin file from zip file.
  4. Remove all connections from the meter.
  5. Plug a USB micro cable into the back of the meter.
  6. While holding the 2nd button from the left, connect the USB cable to a PC or a Mac.
    Image indicating 2nd button from left
  7. The computer will create a new drive on the computer. Note: If the PC doesn’t recognize the M2-VSM, then try using a different cable.
    • On a PC, the new drive will be labeled as CRP_DISABLD (D:) where “D:” is the drive letter and may be a different letter.
    • On a Mac, the drive will be labeled CRP_DISABLD and should appear in the Finder sidebar.
  8. Delete the firmware.bin file from the M2-VSM folder.
    • On a PC, select the file with your mouse and press the delete key.
    • On a Mac, select the file with your mouse and move to trash.
  9. Copy the new firmware.bin file to the M2-VSM folder.
  10. Unplug the USB cable from the computer.
  11. You can plug the USB cable back into the computer to verify the new firmware. The M2-VSM should power up and you can navigate to Setup⮕Version Info to verify the new SW Revision.
1850 M2 Vessel Systems Monitor

1850 Firmware Revision History


  • Updated 1811 and 1810 sensor support


  • Added Support for CZONE RTM-17
  • Added 1811 Sensor Support
  • Display NC if Ultrasonic is not connected

01/21/20: 6.16.35-46

  • Initial Release
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