Allowable Amperage in Conductors - Wire Sizing Chart

ABYC Ampacity Rating Table at 30°C

  • For bundles of 4 to 6 conductors multiply by 0.857
  • For bundles of 7 to 24 conductors multiply by 0.714
  • For bundles of 25 or more, conductors multiply by 0.571

SAE conductors are smaller than equivalent AWG by 5%–12% with current capacity typically less by 7%.
ISO Ratings for metric wire are slightly less than these values derived from ABYC VI-A ratings.

Wires counted in bundles need not include:

  1. Wires carrying intermittent currents no more than rating per VI-A and for less than one minute per mm of diameter‚ and not repeating more often than a delay of 5 times active duration.
  2. Wires carrying load currents at less than 50% of the wire rating per table VI-B.

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