ST CLB Product Notice

May, 29 2014

Notification of Potential Product Defect: Part Numbers 5054 and 5054B

For Circuit Breaker Blocks Produced Before June 2014

A potential defect affects the twelve position ST CLB Circuit Breaker Block with negative bus, part numbers: 5054 and 5054B. The consequence of the potential defect may cause intermittent or high resistance continuity which could cause the last six circuits to fail or the circuit breaker block to overheat. Blue Sea Systems is withdrawing this product from the market until design changes are implemented which will ensure this potential problem cannot reoccur.

Please immediately remove this product from your inventory or installations and if you have already sold this product, notify your customer of this situation.

Blue Sea Systems will issue credit for returned ST CLB Circuit Breaker Blocks or replace each twelve position block with two six position blocks, part numbers 5052 or 5052B.

Please contact Blue Sea Systems Customer Service at 1‐800‐222‐7617 ext 127 for immediate resolution to this issue.

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