P12 Battery Chargers

P12 Battery Charger - 12V DC 40A

Discontinued - replaced by PN 7532

The P12 Battery Charger is a four stage, three output, dry mount charger designed for use in harsh environments where reliability, ease of use, and high performance are of primary importance. Backed by a 5-year warranty and technical phone support, the P12 Battery Charger is designed, assembled, and tested at Blue Sea Systems’ company headquarters in Bellingham, Washington.

Five Critical Features Extend Battery Life
  • User Defined Charge Profiles for setting voltages to match the battery manufacturer’s recommendations
  • User Defined Absorption Stage Values determine when the charger should exit Absorption Stage in order to prevent overcharging
  • Charge Coordination™ integrates with Blue Sea Systems’ Automatic Charging Relays to separate battery banks while the P12 is operational
  • PreFloat™ Stage prevents over charging by individually moving batteries out of Absorption Stage
  • Battery Temperature Compensation adjusts charging voltage up (for colder batteries) or down (for warmer batteries) as recommended by battery manufacturers for proper battery performance
Additional Features
  • Rugged finned aluminum case dissipates heat
  • Universal line voltage 90–265V AC, 45–65 Hz for worldwide use
  • Large bright full graphic control screen with user interface
  • Plain-language text in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish
  • Intuitive screens provide fault alerts and plain language diagnostics
Total Output Current40A
Input AC Current7.5A @ 100V AC
3.75A @ 200V AC
Maximum Output Voltage16.0V DC
Nominal Voltage12V DC
Ignition Protected Yes
Number of Outputs1 negative
3 positive
Universal AC Input Voltage90-265V AC
AC Input Frequency45-65Hz
Output Voltage Accuracy0.05V
Typical Float Voltage13.5V DC
Minimum Operating Temperature-20° C
Maximum Operating Temperature70° C
Minimum Storage Temperature-30° C
Maximum Storage Temperature80° C
Battery TypesAGM
Flooded Lead Acid
TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead)
Recommended for Battery Bank Sizes440Ah Maximum
60Ah Minimum
Warranty5 Year
Height13.03in (330.96 mm)
Width8.46in (214.88 mm)
Depth3.66in (92.96 mm)
Weight12.00lb (5.44 kg)
Optional Accessories
7520 P12 Battery Charger LED Remote
Designed and constructed for compliance to:
CEC Compliant
CSA C22.2 No. 107.2-01
Ignition Protected
SAE J1171
UL 1236
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