DC Panels Accessory and Circuit Breaker Switch Panels

BelowDeck™ Panel - 15A Circuit Breaker, 12V Socket, 2.1A Dual USB Charger

Discontinued - replaced by PN 4363
Compact easy to install DC charging center.
The integrated circuit breaker switch provides circuit protection and offers the ability to shut off the panel, preventing parasitic draw.
  • Illuminated Carling Technologies™ 15A circuit breaker switch
  • Pre-wired harness
  • Polycarbonate/ABS panel face is UV-stabilized, flame retardant, and will not corrode
  • Simple two-wire installation
Nominal Voltage12V DC
Weight0.40lb (0.18 kg)
1 1011 Dash Socket 12V DC with Watertight Cap
1 1016 12/24V Dual USB 2.1A Charger
Meets the following Regulatory Specifications
CE Certified
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