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Contura Circuit Breaker Switch Panel with USB Charger - 5 Position Black

Now with integrated charging
  • Includes 12/24V DC, 4.8A Dual USB chargers with intelligent device recognition that maximizes charge rate
  • Designed for 12 or 24V DC systems
  • Watertight mounting gasket
  • ON indicating LEDs embedded in all switches
  • 8421 and 8521 include a Small Format Label Set 8217 (Gray) or 8214 (Black)
  • 8121 include a Large Format Label Set 8030
MSRP: $248.99
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Nominal Voltage12V DC
24V DC
Circuit Breaker TypeThermal trip, manual push-button reset only, 15A
Panel Cumulative Rating45A
Operating Current18mA per Switch
Switch Rating20A @ 12V DC, 15A @ 24V DCA
USB12/24V Dual USB Charger 4.8A (1039)
Height7.5in (190.5 mm)
Width4.5in (114.3 mm)
Depth3.25in (82.55 mm)
1 1039 12/24V Dual USB 4.8A Chargers - Switch Mount
6 4137 Push Button Reset Only Circuit Breaker Boot - Black
6 7056 Push Button Reset Only Quick Connect Circuit Breaker - 15 Amps
1 8214 Black 60 Label Set
5 8282 Contura Switch SPST Black - OFF-ON
Meets the following Regulatory Specifications
CE Certified
ISO 8846
UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking
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