Switches Accessories

Contura Actuator Removal Tool

  • Mounts on any Blue Sea Systems" Contura Switch
  • Constructed of thermal plastic polycarbonate with a hard nylon surface overlay
  • For each embedded LED there is a corresponding number of lenses
MSRP: $2.79
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There is no documentation for this product.
Weight0.04lb (0.02 kg)
Works With
8216Dimmer Control Switch-Gray
8291Contura Dimmer Control Switch SPDT Black - (ON)-OFF-(ON)
8230Contura Switch SPST Gray - OFF-ON
8282Contura Switch SPST Black - OFF-ON
8231Contura Switch SPST Gray - OFF-(ON)
8292Contura Switch SPST Black - OFF-(ON)
8232Contura Switch SPDT Gray - ON-OFF-ON
8283Contura Switch SPDT Black ON-OFF-ON
8233Contura Switch SPDT Gray - (ON)-OFF-ON
8284Contura Switch SPDT Black - (ON)-OFF-ON
8234Contura Switch SPDT Gray - (ON)-OFF-(ON)
8218Contura Switch DPST Gray - OFF-ON
8287Contura Switch DPST Black - OFF-ON
8219Contura Switch DPST Gray - OFF-(ON)
8288Contura Switch DPST Black - OFF-(ON)
8220Contura Switch DPDT Gray - ON-OFF-ON
8286Contura Switch DPDT Black - ON-OFF-ON
8221Contura Switch DPDT Gray - (ON)-OFF-ON
8289Contura Switch DPDT Black - (ON)-OFF-ON
8222Contura Switch DPDT Gray - (ON)-OFF-(ON)
8290Contura Switch DPDT Black - (ON)-OFF-(ON)
8285Contura Switch SPDT Black - (ON)-OFF-(ON)
8275Contura Switch DPDT Gray - ON-ON
7929Contura II Switch SPST Black - OFF-ON
7930Contura II Switch SPST Black - OFF-(ON)
7931Contura II Switch SPDT Black - ON-OFF-ON
7932Contura II Switch SPDT Black - (ON)-OFF-ON
7943Contura II Switch SPDT Black - ON-OFF-(ON)
7933Contura II Switch SPDT Black - (ON)-OFF-(ON)
7934Contura II Switch DPST Black - OFF-ON
7935Contura II Switch DPST Black - OFF-(ON)
7936Contura II Switch DPDT Black - ON-OFF-ON
7937Contura II Switch DPDT Black - (ON)-OFF-ON
7938Contura II Switch DPDT Black - (ON)-OFF-(ON)
7939Contura II Switch DPDT Black - ON-ON
7945Contura III Switch SPDT - (ON)-OFF-ON
7944Contura III Switch SPDT - ON-OFF-(ON)
7928m-LVD Switch
8300Contura Switch DPDT Black - ON-ON
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