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10A BatteryLink® Charger - Bare Wire (European)

Charge two batteries at or away from the dock with a 10A multistage battery charger and integrated 65A Automatic Charging Relay (ACR)
  • AC charging at the dock: Use AC shore power to charge two isolated battery banks with the 3 Stage 10 Amp battery charger
  • DC charging away from the dock: Share the DC power from the alternator with both the Start and the Auxiliary battery through the integrated 65A ACR
  • Battery Temperature Compensation prolongs battery life
  • Start isolation protects sensitive electronics from voltage sags and spikes
  • Includes LED remote indicator for charge status at the helm
  • Snap-on insulating cover
  • One-piece stainless flange nuts ensure safe and secure connections
MSRP: $229.99
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Total Output Current10A
Nominal Voltage12V DC
Number of Outputs1 negative
2 positive
Terminal Stud Torque60 in-lb (6.78 Nm)
Continuous Rating 65A
Intermittent Rating 115A
Universal AC Input Voltage90-265V AC
AC Input Frequency50/60Hz
Typical Float Voltage13.5V DC
Plug StyleBare wire
Battery TypesAGM
Cable Size to Meet Ratings10 AWG Negative Cable
6 AWG Positive Cable
Maximum Battery CCA850CCA
Maximum Cable Size1/0 AWG (50mm)
Operating Current10mA
Recommended Battery Bank Sizes120Ah Maximum
60Ah Minimum
Terminal Stud Size1/4"-20
Combine 30 sec13.5V
Combine 2 Min13V
Open 10 sec12.35V
Open 30 sec12.75V
Warranty5 Year
Weight4.00lb (1.81 kg)
1 1820 Submersible Temperature Sensor
Optional Accessories
6005 m-Series Mini On-Off Battery Switch with Key - Red
6005200 m-Series Mini On-Off Battery Switch with Key - Black
6006 m-Series Mini On-Off Battery Switch with Knob - Red
6007200 m-Series Mini Selector Battery Switch - Black
6010 m-Series Mini Dual Circuit Battery Switch - Red
6010200 m-Series Mini Dual Circuit Battery Switch - Black
6011 m-Series Mini Dual Circuit Plus™ Battery Switch - Red
6011200 m-Series Mini Dual Circuit Plus™ Battery Switch - Black
Included With
7653Mini Add-A-Battery Plus Kit - 65A - Bare Wire (European)
Meets the following Regulatory Specifications
CE Certified
Ignition Protected
ISO 8846
SAE J1171
UL 1236
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