USB Chargers Panel Accessories 12 Volt Socket and Plugs

12/24V Dual USB 2.1A Charger


Charge two mobile devices on the go

Made with corrosion resistant materials which ensure a solid contact and low voltage drop.

  • Fits in same mounting hole as a traditional 12 Volt outlet
  • Compatible with most mobile devices including Apple® products
  • Protective dust cap with tether keeps dust and spray from shortening the life of the charger
  • Potted for the harsh marine environment
  • 2A Supply fuse is not included

Easy to install in existing 12V DC socket hole providing convenient access for charging mobile devices

MSRP: $27.49
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The 12V USB plug socket is not charging my device.

It is almost impossible to make a Universal USB charger without building intelligence into the charger. In our case we don’t follow USB 2.0 specifications exactly because we are following Apple specifications  (2.8V on D- and 2.0V on D+). Most Android devices will default to some low level charging voltage if they don’t see a valid voltage on D+, D-.

A solution is a cable that shorts the lines together.

Q: What size terminal do I need for the USB charger?

The USB Chargers and Dash Sockets use a .250 female quick connect.

Find one on Ancor's website.

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